The Bush Children’s Education Foundation of NSW Inc. (BCEF) was established in 1965, and has provided financial assistance to thousands of young people in the bush whose educational opportunities are limited due to isolation and economic circumstances.

The Foundation operates under the patronage of Her Excellency, The Honourable Margaret Beasley Governor of New South Wales.

The purpose of the Foundation is to enable students who live in remote areas to attend school. Assistance is available to subsidise the boarding expenses of secondary school aged children from families with restricted financial resources. Boarding places may be at country boarding schools or community operated hostels.

Many children from remote areas of New South Wales are not able to attend school and university because of family circumstances and distance from schools. While excellent distance education facilities now exist, this cannot offer the daily face-to-face teaching, social, recreational and sporting contact which city children take for granted.

Since 2007, the Foundation extended its support to include young people going on to tertiary study.

The Bush Children’s Education Foundation relies solely on donations from the public to fund annual bursaries and scholarships for eligible students. Click DONATE TO BCEF to visit the donations page.